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The Ultimate Pompey Christmas Present?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I am making a huge drawing called CROWD using life size replica canvas sails made bespoke for this artwork. The first is a HMS Victory Spritsail, from the front of the ship, and is a whopping 10m x 17m with all the traditional rope work and detailing from Nelson's flagship. You can be on it. Or nominate someone you know as a present?

They are being covered in charcoal drawings to create a 'portrait of the city'. With a mixture of the historic and contemporary reference this epic canvas drawing will tell the story of Portsea Island and the Dockyard in a unique way with all the great historic characters alongside the anonymous and unsung heroes. I have been collecting portraits of local people, old and new to help tell this story.

You can help too by either sending in photos of Portsmouth relatives and loved ones or coming into the studio to sit for the drawing. Tell me about their connection to the city. Check out my SHOP link if you want to get a portrait included or help sponsor someone else through the crowd fund option £30 -£60



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