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KINSHIP - a contemporary maritime Guernica

Kinship is a charcoal drawing direct on to a real canvas sail 10m x 3m and is currently on exhibition in Southampton City Gallery as part of the Creative Connections exhibition. It is organised by National Portrait Gallery London and hosted with Southampton City Gallery, co-curated with Cantell School GCSE Art students.

Visit my shop for the limited edition book on this drawing and limited edition signed prints of the cartoon sketch for this artwork. 

Kinship was on exhibition in Southampton City Gallery until 30th Sept 2023

Kinship won the Taylor Foundation Prix in Paris Art Capital - Feb 2024

Creative Connections at National Portrait Gallery London Learning Studio gives the background to the creation of this artwork and the education based project behind it.

It will be exhibited at Musa International Pavilion in Venice June - 2024

Latest news

The Kinship Drawing was exhibited in Paris in Feb 2024 - invited as key part of the Salon Dessin Peinture A L'eau.  A stones through from the location the original Guernica was painted for the Paris International Fair in 1937. It won the Taylor Foundation Prix.

May 28th - June 10th it be exhibited in Venice at Musa International Pavilion during the Biennale 2024 ' Foreigners Everywhere'. This solo exhibition will show new postscript works on this theme. 

Check out the dedicated iG project page for more background info and detail images @

Find out lots more about this work behind the scenes and work in progress on the dedicated Instagram page HERE

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