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Follow these links to watch documentary films made about the artist or directed by the artist. 

Here is a video of the Creative Connections Southampton project with the National Portrait Gallery - London and Southampton City Gallery. This project created the Kinship drawing which continues to make creative connections across Europe having been exhibited in Paris and next in Venice in 2024. 

Here is a short video, 1min, of work in progress at my studio in Portsmouth Dockyard Sept 2021. See 'Work in Progress' in Menu for more info.

CROWD - portrait of a city. Work in progress. Pete Codling Artist in Residence Portsmouth Dockyard. - YouTube

Informal chat with Susan Ward Curator at Portsmouth City Museum Aug 2020. Approx 20 mins each.



Little Bits of God  - Micro Films on Instagram, ~20 seconds, from the studio in Lockdown 2020.

Made by We Are Shuffle director Gavin White and the working title of The Sacred Name.




Click on images below in the slide carousel:

  • CREATIVE CONNECTIONS - Southampton & the Kinship Drawing 2023

  • Ye Plagues of Southsea 2020 - the story of a Victorian riot, a painting and plague in Portsmouth

  • OCTO - A film in the theme of TIME as part of my Artist in Residency in Portsmouth Cathedral Bell Tower 2019

  • SOUP of SOULS - a short documentary on the Soup of Souls drawings 2019

  • A CHARCOAL SOUL - A short student documentary on Pete Codling - Artist 2019

  • THE LAST MAN IN SPACE - DUST to DUST - A student documentary on the Dust to Dust drawings 2012

  • LA RUE DEL LA BARBE. (The Street of Beards)  Pete Coding Performance Art in Tunisia 2012

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