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With 30 years of experience working in public art working on a variety of projects from schools and community centres to high streets, architectural collaborations, and private commissions, I can help you understand the creative process. How to contract artists and how to get the best work from them.

I can work alongside your existing design team, commercial or local authority, or lead from the front helping you to gather a team of artists and designers for larger projects. This can be on live projects or competition tenders.

Having a Lead Artist as the gateway to other creatives helps keep a ‘vision’ and opens the opportunity for graduate and emerging artists to have a mentor and project manager for their first commissions and career development. Leading with the client, the workshops and community engagement, writing the ‘vision document’ and first stages of a project.

This holistic approach normally works around a significant commission for the Lead Artist and satellite work for other artists. But not strictly necessary if engaged purely for the consultancy on good practice, artist advisory, mentoring or supply of a vision document on process only. 

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