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If you have been following my work as Artist In Residence at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and want to be part of these huge drawings, with your portrait included, you can pay here by purchasing one of the following options:


  • Head £60 - a face portrait - possible hat/jewlery etc
  • Top half £125 - an upper body with head shoulder inc. badge/medal/artefact or object of choice
  • Full body £250 - a full length figure in the first front rows of the crowd ( Mary Rose sail only now).
  • You may qualify for a discount or free portrait/specific grant funded for certain community groups, lets discuss.  
  • PFC125 Crowdfunding is a separate project - please book via that Crowdfunder page.


Or you can just donate to the overall project to 'Crowdfund' that will help sponsor inclusion for someone who can not afford it and helps to keep the project inclusive, sharing the cost with the artist. You can do this by multiply purchase or lump sum donation/sponsorship. For large sums please contact me direct. 


Once you have purchased I can then exchange emails to receive your photos or book your appointment at the dockyard studio.


It doesnt have to be you, you can nominate, remember someone or gift it to a loved one.


Visit my Work in Progress page on this website to find out more .

Portraits @The Dockyard

PriceFrom £60.00
  • If you wish to send photos rather than visit the Dockyard in person, or you only have photos of the person you wish to pay for, please find three photos, scan or photograph with your smart phone, so that I can use them for reference. They will be named digitally in the final artwork pubication and website, so please add a 50 word max description.

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