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Drawing Conversations 2022

On Friday 2nd Sept I will be presenting a paper for the Huddersfield University Drawing Symposium:

Engaging with Sites of History and Narrative

This one-day symposium examines the interrelationships of drawing and engaging with sites of history and narrative. At the heart of this will be drawing as an embodied act, drawing in the expanded field, variable in definition, and as both individual and collective processes. Exploring expanded drawing methodology through connecting and curating of sites’ narrative and histories might involve capturing textures, vistas, traces, movement of history and narrative. How does drawing engage with histories and narratives of sites? What does processes of methods of drawing reveal from a particular site or place? What is the relationship of the final work to a site’s history or narrative? How is history and narrative defined?

The event has 3 keynote presentations by Anita Taylor, practicing artist, Dean, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design at University of Dundee, founder and director of Jerwood Drawing (now Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize) and founder director of Drawing Projects UK, Deanna Petherbridge (CBE), a practicing artist, curator and writer of The Primacy of Drawing: Histories and Theories of Practice, published June 2010, Layla Curtis, a practicing artist and founder of Edgework, an artist-led, online store and multidisciplinary journal with a focus on place and 16 papers from practitioners, art historians and theoreticians.

For further information contact: Simon Woolham or Jill Journeaux at

The event is free and will be held online via Teams, Friday 2nd September. Register as an online attendee here.


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