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Drawing: Charcoal on Paper. Archival box white wood frame with art glass, float mounted. 

100cm x 100cm x 7cm Archival box white wood frame with art glass, float mounted.


Exhibited at Chaiya Award Awards in London 29Mar - 8 April. Theme: 'Where is God in our 21st Century? Winner of The Osanna Prize and The Bezalel Prize 2018. It has led to many other opportunities for me. 

Sketched for Christmas 2016 as we watched/consumed the destruction of Aleppo and the murder of civilians in a 'world war' via the TV and online media. Sadly still relevant every year since with  across the Middle East, Yemen, Ukraine +.

I look to traditional composition and classical/religious reference for a secular or philosophical comment on the human condition.

This drawing is a seminal work for me and is the source of a major solo exhibition: 'Naivety' at The North Wall Gallery in Oxford UK December 2017, Jackhouse Gallery 2018, and Portsmouth Cathedral in winter 2019. It is a key piece Naivety Drawings exhibitions online marketing.


Note: the original thumbnail sketch for this is for sale in the Small Drawing page. Would be great to keep these together.





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