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A series of charocal 'studio conversations' with the great painter Eugeune Delacroix. His miniature oil painting 'Christ on the Sea of Galilee' ( he did ~12 versions of this) is enlarged in a charcoal transcript with a contemporary twist. The halos and use of light; colour and impasto of the paint, by Delacroix is swapped for the 21st Century glow from mobile phones and tablets. Both a cotemporary twist and comment bythe artist on the Meditterraen migrant crisis and imagery of mgrants holding up phones to get a signal. There are three framed versions in this series. Previousy exhibited with the Naivety Drawings.

This signed charcoal on paper drawing is float framed in white wood and art glass, ready to hang. See the others in this series.

Size: 100 x 90 x 7cm 


I also have these available a much smaller ~A4 scale, square gilcee prints.

Halos & Phone Glows. No2/3.

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