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A portrait of a dear old friend Boo and her dog Spike. A vision, she was an olde angel, and would always say she would be back to get Spike when he is ready. 

An emotive piece that celebrates the companionship and love between people and their pets.  Boo was a remarkable lady who had a career in fashion illustration, modelling and acting in several B/W movies and a an artist, which is how me met. A friend of Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon to name a few in her hay day in Soho London. She dedicated her life to dog rescues, and was a commited vegetarian and animal rights activist. Would love this to go to a good home. "Dog is god spelt backwards"


Unframed approx: 120cm x 120cm


Approx 120cm x 120cm. Compressed charcoal on fabriano paper. Unframed. 


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