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The 8 huge free hand charcoal drawings that form the Soup of Souls are 3.4m x 2.6m. Each drawing in memory of people lost in the The Solent waters around Portsmouth and Ilse of Wight. Each one for sale separately. (£$O.N.O for the whole set).

Perfect for that massive house feature wall, stairwell or architectural atrium space. Designed as an installation in a cathedral nave. Tricky to frame at this scale but not impossible with or perhaps necessary in the right conditions. Can divide back into the original three sections of paper for sectional framing. But at the museum end of bespoke framing and cost. For the serious collector or institution for a public or museum collection.

Would love to find a patron capable of owning/exhibiting these together, or able to commission a more domestic permanent scale version of these as mural or mosaic commission. Each drawing is available as a limited edition gilcee print in various sizes. 

Thinking about it? Get the book to find out more about these epic artworks and what inspired them. Lets talk.

Soup of Souls - 3/8

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