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Another studio conversation with Delacroix  with a charcoal transcription of his large oil painting - Dante & Virgil  in Hell - The Braque of Dante 1822.

I like to challenge myself occassionally to recreate my favourite paintings, particularly from Delacroix. The transcription into charcoal is crude comparded to the oil painting original but is an exercise in technique, and some fun. The replacement of Dante book with a mobile phone  and Virgil's hand to his ear with a phone allows my interpretation a contemporary twist.

It is the 500th Anniversary of the great Italian poet, writer and philosopher Dante Alighieri this year with international celebrations and 25th March dedicated to him in Italy.


The unframed drawing is  approx: 120cm x 120cm

Halos and Phone Glows No6. Braque of Dante, after Delacroix

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