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Venetian Blinder - Musa Pavilion - Artist Solo exhibition in Venice Biennale 2024

Updated: Apr 17

Codling is having his second solo exhibition in Europe this summer. In the heart of Venice in the middle of the Venice Biennale 2024. Exhibiting at Musa International Pavilion 29th May - 10th June he will be exhibiting the award winning Kinship drawing and several new artworks on canvas and paper. The Pavilion theme of 'The Land of Silence' has inspired him to create some 'smaller' postscript artworks from Kinship drawing with new commentary on current global affairs with historical, classical and pop culture references.

Follow him on the Instagram and socials to see how this progresses and the exciting journey from local artist to an international platform amongst the world's most exciting art festival of the year. The overall theme of the Biennale is perfect pitch for the Kinship and Codling's growing body of socio political, environmental and anti war echoes in his work .A must see exhibition and artist to keep an eye on this year.

"If you are in Venice 29th May - 10th June, come and say hello, I would love to meet you. Drop me a DM on socials or email via this website" Pete Codling

Side profile portrait of artist Pete Codling in front of detail from his Kinship charcoal drawing
Pete Codling Artist portrait in front of Kinship drawing detail. Photo by Joe Low 2023

Musa Pavilion will take place from May 18 to June 30, 2024

Location Palazzo Pisani Revedin: Campo Manin, San Marco 4013/A 30124 Venezia

Opening on May 18 / 19,00

Opening hours for visitors: 10,30-13,30 / 14,00-18,30

Monday closed

Free entry

Stranieri Ovunque – Foreigners Everywhere, the ground on which the theme of the 60th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, takes shape is marked by conceptual traces linked to the idea of diversity in its various meanings. In the contemporary globalized society, where individuals constantly travel, anyone can consider themselves a foreigner in their own world. Historical events only highlight the distinction among humans, pushing the global community into profound states of crisis; in reality, we are nothing more than children of the same cosmos.

«The expression Stranieri Ovunque – explains Adriano Pedrosa – has several meanings. First of all, that wherever you go and wherever you are you will always encounter foreigners—they/we are everywhere. Secondly, that no matter where you find yourself, you are always truly, and deep down inside, a foreigner.»

Find out more about this huge event here Venice Biennale 2024


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