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Paris welcomes new Guernica by contemporary artist

Paris and Picasso are kin. The popularity of my Kinship drawing with visitors to the Art Capital exhibition, was fueled by the french love of their Picasso and particularly of his Guernica that was painted there in 1937. The regular whisper of 'ah, Guernica' by visitors was unnerving at first but I soon released it was extremely affectionate as if they had crossed paths with an old friend and stopped to chat. Particularly in current climate of world affairs my inspiration and interpretation of this iconic master piece was a great draw for the crowd and many interesting conversations were had.

It stood among several thousand other artworks at the Grand Palais Ephemere under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. The largest two dimensional artwork on display and a 'mini expo' of my work among the international artists.

I also exhibited a print of the Kinship preparatory sketch and a bespoke cabinet frame , a mini museum of he drawing's archive material, sketches and sketch book as my 'conversation with Picasso'.

A unique hand coloured version of Kinship print went down well, I also had two other large and two small drawings on exhibition there. My first European, post Brexit exhibition.

The Kinship Drawing was given the prestigious 'Taylor Fondation - Prix - Jean Vincent Darasse' Award.

Many thanks for the invitation and support from Salon Dessin, Pienture et a L'Eau

Check out my Instagram page for more images and reels of the exhibition and adventure in Paris.


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