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Follow these links to watch documentary films made about the artist or directed by the artist.

Portrait by Johnny Black Photography.

Portrait by Johnny Black Photography.

Informal chat with Susan Ward Curator at Portsmouth City Museum Aug 2020.
Part Two

Ye Plagues of Southsea 2020. Story of a painting.

Micro Films from the studio in Lockdown 2020. Made by We Are Shuffle director Gavin White.

Charcoal Soul 2019 A short 12-minute documentary by Film Students from University of Portsmouth”

Octo – 2019 – art/social documentary 45 mins, descriptions of Time. Artist in Residence Portsmouth Cathedral 2019. Hampshire Studio Productions.

Soup of Souls -2019. Short documentary 15mins on the exhibition and work. Hampshire Studio Productions.

Dust to Dust – 2013 short documentary ~15mins on a huge wall drawing, demolished with the building. University of Portsmouth Film Dept.

La Rue de la Barbe. (The Street of Beards) Pete Codling. 2 minutes. Filmed on Avenue Habib Bourguiba Tunisia. 2012. A gesture of support, one year after the Arab Spring that started here. I went to meet artists on the front line of creativity in revolution. I met some amazing and brave people. Artists whose lives are threatened openly for making art. A man’s beard was seen as a political and fundamentalist religious/symbolic statement by locals but for me just a personal boho travelling style, a freedom, of the times. The film/performance was an attempt at exploring the shapes/politics of perception to facial hair, freedom, history and revolution, as I shaved it off in the high street in support of my brave new friends.