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Videos – Film

Follow these links to watch documentary films made about the artist or directed by the artist.

Portrait by Johnny Black Photography.

Portrait by Johnny Black Photography.

Charcoal Soul 2019 A short 12-minute documentary by Film Students from University of Portsmouth”

Octo – 2019 – art/social documentary 45 mins, descriptions of Time. Artist in Residence Portsmouth Cathedral 2019. Hampshire Studio Productions.

Soup of Souls -2019. Short documentary 15mins on the exhibition and work. Hampshire Studio Productions.

Dust to Dust – 2013 short documentary ~15mins on a huge wall drawing, demolished with the building. University of Portsmouth Film Dept.

La Rue de la Barbe. (The Street of Beards) Pete Codling. 2 minutes. Filmed on Avenue Habib Bourguiba Tunisia. 2012. A gesture of support, one year after the Arab Spring that started here. I went to meet artists on the front line of creativity in revolution. I met some amazing and brave people. Artists whose lives are threatened openly for making art. A man’s beard was seen as a political and fundamentalist religious/symbolic statement by locals but for me just a personal boho travelling style, a freedom, of the times. The film/performance was an attempt at exploring the shapes/politics of perception to facial hair, freedom, history and revolution, as I shaved it off in the high street in support of my brave new friends.