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Wymering Public Art Project

Wymering Public Art Project was built around a new community centre in Wymering, near Cosham in Portsmouth. Pete was part of an Artist team led by Pete Dunn from The Art of Change (London). Pete Codling was given the boundary commissions which consisted of the Wymering Wall, a pathway to the building and Earthworks/landscaping of the surrounding grounds.
The 120m brickwork wall is full of people’s names and local historical facts. The ornate gateway arch and steel work depict the tunnels dug into the surrounding clay Portsdown Hills as huge air raid shelters by the city during the Second World War. The stone pathway is sandblasted with imagery and text. The earthworks created landscape features on the sloping site of the new build. Unfortunately the Community Centre was burnt down shortly after and not replaced. The artworks however has stood the test of time, so far. 1996-1999