Pete Codling – Fine Art | CROWD. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Residency Nov 2020+
CROWD. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Residency Nov 2020+

From November 2020 I will be Artist Residency at The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as guest of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Trust.

The Residency is built around a proposal to create my largest drawings to date, and in doing so the largest public artwork I have done since the Million Pebbles project.


crowd crops4

This set of enormous drawings are inspired as a portrait of the city. A city that still holds claim to be one of the most densely populated in Europe e.g. ‘crowded’.

The idea is make a set of life size sail drawings, the same size as those from the HMS Victory or Mary Rose, and to cover them in portraits of people with a connection to the Dockyard, be it naval, military, dockyard worker or community connection to the city and its history. It is a massive and ambitious project and there is as much art in getting it funded and made as there is creating the drawings.

To do this so far I have created the Crowdfunder which aims to raise £10k towards the cost of individual portraits. An Arts Council Bid that will help to reach out to the community to include underrepresented groups and draw attention to the contemporary demographic of the city. Local sponsors and smaller grants will help make the project happen and ensure as many people are involved as possible.

Checkout the Crowdfunder here for more info on the project and how to get involved. Don’t worry this is going to take along time to draw so drop me line if you want to be in it, this year, next, or the next…. I should be starting my Residency in November 2020

Here are some letters of support from our community leaders helping me to raise the money, and raise the sails!:

2. Supporting letters MPs CROWD artwork. Pete Codling

1. Supporting letters CROWD artwork. Pete Codling

How about this for a view from my new Studio at the Dockyard South Office window….
500 years of Naval history. HMS Victory, The Mary Rose Museum & Royal Naval Museum.